"Aesthetic" Morning


[ENTRY 10..✍]

Bonjour. I was feeling kind of artsy so I took these "aesthetic" pictures like a typical instagrammer would do. But I don't have Instagram anymore. Two or three years now, I guess. In fact, I'm a complete ghost now on these types of social media. Had this been in the past where I used to be active on Instagram, I'd prolly post this with some fake ass caption like how refreshing it is to start the morning with pancakes, coffee (though it's really not coffee), and a good book and then manage to make it all sound poetic when in reality, the whole post is a product of spending more time arranging the foods, book—all the other whatnots—and coming up with the bookwormish caption than actually reading the book itself. Yep, I was one of those, shamefully. Or I might still am, for I haven't really read the book in the pictures yet. The books, rather, since I used different books in both photos (you can tell by the size and the color of the pages if you pay close attention to details). The one with the cover on is stiff and won't stay open when left alone so I used another just for the sake of having a shot where a book is opened. Gee, I don't know how many times I've said the word "book" now.

Okay, I counted. I've said it 9 times. There will be more.

Not needing to fake my morning to seem like an "intellectual" pretty girl anymore to a bunch of people behind screens, I only do these things now for the aesthetic pleasure of it. It gives a fleeting gratification to a dull morning. Although having looked at the pictures again, they're honestly just blah. I'm a minimalist but I'm only realising the ones I took are simply boring. LOL. I take back my artistic claims right now. Haha. If I were to bother putting extra effort into it, though, I'd prolly have added plants and more fruits and then sprinkled everything with little flowers. Lmao. Anyway, I have a crappy phone so the quality will still be shit. But I do feel good right now. I'm clean and my beddings are fresh. I should truly read a book, though. It's been a while. Not the ones in the pictures, no. I don't feel them. They were just props to add a touch of enigma and soul to my supposedly "aesthetic" breakfast. The top on my list right now are "Pride & Prejudice" and "Wuthering Heights". I've been planning on watching the film adaptation of "Pride & Prejudice" because I love Keira Knightley but I want to read the book first. Hehe.

Cheers 🍻