Shinzou Wo Sasageyo


My sisters have been working out a lot lately and I kind of envy their motivation and spirit. They got their own workout routine and I got mine too but I don't do mine as frequently as they do theirs because most days, working out is just a major pain in the ass. Both literally and figuratively.

According to the standards set by the fashion industry, my sisters and I already have great figures (thanks, genes) but we still want that "perfect beach body". Younger sister, who's got the athletic build, is focusing on the "hourglass" bod. Older sister already has the shape of an hourglass but she's got some belly fats she needs removing (we all want that toned stomach). And being the athletic one, little sister used to have abs (which I envied in the past) but the bitch eats a lot now that when next to me, she looks almost chubby. Maybe it's also because they both got boyfriends that's why they're more motivated?


The last time I got so motivated was I guess during the remaining few months last year, when I finished rewatching Attack on Titans the 2nd time around before the 4th season came out. I'd pretend I was training for the Survey Corps and that I should endure the pain to become a part of Captain Levi's team and be with Eren. Hahaha. Man, the idea inspired me so much. Should I binge-watch the whole anime again to regain that motivation? I don't mind. Besides, that has always been the plan. But maybe only once the whole anime is over. I remember being so crazy about it—LOL! Like, there was actually an entire week where I couldn't sleep at all because I couldn't stop thinking about what was going to happen or why things had to happen a certain way. I even read the manga (because I couldn't wait for Season 4) and I don't usually read those. I prefer the characters talking and moving with background music and everything. (Oh, the music! I refused to read the manga without the AOT soundtracks in the background because they hype up the scenarios and they never fail to give me goosebumps when they hit the right timing. It was almost as if I was watching the anime.)

When the final season came out, however, I was disappointed. The animation became completely different, which is understandable because I heard from my older sis that the original animators wouldn't take the last season because it's "too" demanding. But still. It was sad because I was so excited about it only to see their faces change. Especially their nose.. there's something really weird about it. I've watched the anime twice so I could certainly tell something's wrong with Levi's face, with Eren's, and oh my gosh—Mikasa's. The only face I wasn't saddened about was Reiner's. If anything, he became hotter lmao. Anyway, I've only watched a few episodes of the first half of Season 4. It's a complete drag having to wait another week for the next episode to come, much more with another month for the publication of the manga's next chapter. Having read the manga, thankfully, still gave me an edge towards those who only watch the anime so they couldn't spoil me. Little did I know, it's my sisters who'd do the very horror of cutting my excitement off from knowing the following events all on my own. I didn't read the last two chapters of the manga because I got lazy and when my sisters fired a fucking spoiler, my interest dropped to the ground and my blood boiled in anger. I swear to god, they're the most annoying and obnoxious sisters in the entire world.

With my interest in keeping up-to-date with the anime deflated, so did my spirit, inspiration and motivation to "train" for the Survey Corps. And now the main reason I still workout some days is because I become guilty when I don't. I'm not a very active person. I'm not like my annoying sisters who do all these TikTok dances that take an hour or so to practice before achieving the perfect moves worthy of posting. The only exercise I do is walking and this 10-minute workout I'm supposed to be doing every other day. Ten minutes.. Haha. What a joke. Well, better than nothing, right?

Shinzou wo sasageyo!

[Levi is not very happy about me.]