September 13, 2021


The struggles are only just beginning.

Good news, my dad and I got jobs. He got his old job back and I got a new one. I'm going to be working on the front end, meaning self checkout.

It's better than being a regular cashier, for sure, but it is still very much yikes. 

The woman over Personnel said that I can get my old job back if/when there's an opening. 

But maybe I'll actually like self checkout. I mean, I doubt it, but it's still a possibility. 

I don't know why, but Personnel has always had problems with my account. She always struggles to make changes to my details, etc, but she easily makes changes for my dad. It's not her fault, though. 

She was trying to offer me the job for front end but it kept popping up something about maintenance. I accepted the job offer without noticing that the job title said maintenance and I tried to go tell her about it but she had already gone to lunch. My parents and I went home and I tried calling her many times, but I never got in touch with her. I even left a message with another employee to give to her. She is the hardest person to get in contact with. 

The worst part about all of this is the hours that I have to work. I'll be working 6am-2pm while Da works 1-10pm. We will almost never get to have actual conversations with each other. We do have two days off together, but still. I'm going to miss him so much. I've cried about it already. I told Da that we might as well communicate via letters since we will be messaging each other so slowly. 

I asked if he could change to first shift and he said he just really couldn't do those hours. This really disappointed me. 

He did say, though, that he wants to leave his job soon and that when he finds another job he'll try to work an earlier shift. 

Our jobs are going to put such a strain on our relationship and I hate it. I already miss him so much all of the time and it's going to be so much worse when I start working. 

I'm trying not to cry. I really need to go to sleep. 

I stayed up super late playing animal crossing and even though I'm posting this as September 13th, it's actually 8am September 14th. 

I'm just really not looking forward to this schedule. 

Update: I finally got through to Personnel at 9am and she essentially told me I'm dumb. She didn't really say that. She's a nice woman. What she did say is that she explained it to me yesterday; she will fix it to the correct job when I come in to do paperwork. Whew.

I think in actuality that she didn't really explain it to me yesterday. Like she meant to, but forgot. 

Oh well, whatever, everything is fine (except the things I mentioned earlier that are totally not fine) and she said my background check cleared. She said my dad's hasn't cleared yet, but she'll call when it has and set up a time for us to come do our paperwork.