September 10, 2021


Dear Diary,

 Dreamt about you today ! Wasn’t sure why cuz I haven’t dreamt of you in a very long time . But it felt so real . I was scared to move almost paralyzed. I could actually feel your breathe on the back of my neck . And not in a good way . It really had me spooked . I tried so hard to wake myself up and it was almost like you were trying to keep me there . I don’t want to ever feel like that again . Scared for my life , scared of you ! There’s nothing for us to discuss not even in my dreams . So please leave me alone stop looking for me , stop searching me ! I’m happy where I’m at . Alone ! I don’t need to go backwards . I took my power back so don’t try to come snatch it because you will have a fight to try and steal it !! I know my worth and i am strong and unstoppable. So run away from me and my dreams don’t come back !