Change Startup


Dear Diary,  i have something to share with you . I am trying to get rid of my bad habits . But i only succeeded 2% . I have so many destructive habits that i have been developing and fostering .  So now it's time to get up and realize that my life is just heading towards bullshit .  To realize that my habits are the one paving me in the wrong way . To realize that there is no tomorrow . To realize that my dreams are not running far away but i am compelling them to do so . To realize that the things that i do now is gonna decide my whole future . To realize that i am leaving in past and future  not in the present . To realize the hardwork that i thought i had been doing is not hardwork but it's lazy work . To realize that i am cheating myself , myfamily , my heart , my dream and my god . This much of realization is plenty for a person to change his thoughts  , goals and to be mature enough to think wisely . So from today I'm gonna start my daily diary challange in which i am gonna mention small small achievement that i have done   . So good night have a sweet dream ❤️☺️