Date No More


[ENTRY 5..✍]

"I have a week to get to know him better before the date. Which means a week to lose interest in him and back out."

Well, I got to know him better, alright. And I don't think the date will be happening soon. I don't like him. He's nice, but.. he's quite arrogant in terms of his beliefs and opinions. By that, I mean he imposes them on others which is annoying and a major deal-breaker. Also, he used to be an addict. Just weed, but, erm.. idk. He's detoxicating but it's been only for like over a week or two so he's still having withdrawals. I've never gone out with a stoner before and I don't think I'll ever want to. I've never even kissed a guy who smokes cigarettes.

Hmm... I wonder what that feels like. I've heard smoking makes kissing disgusting but last year, I had a crush on someone who smoked and it was when I started being curious because I wanted to do all these nasty things with him. I mean.. ahem, "make love" to him. I liked him a lot so I didn't mind that he was a smoker. If anything, I suddenly found it rather... sexy. But deep down, I was still slightly worried that if we kissed, he might smell or taste funny and I really didn't want to be disappointed because he was truly special to me.

He's got a girlfriend now.

(P.S: I dreamt that Chandler Bing fucked me. LOL. His form was from the earlier seasons of FRIENDS. In the dream, I have affection for him and we somehow have a relationship. Thinking about it now, it was so weird. Haha. I love Chandler but never have I ever had thoughts of him like that. Not even Joey. They're more like crazy big brothers in my eyes. Lmao. I really need to get laid.)