August 18, 2021


Dear Diary, today it's kind of mixed. Started out meeting a friend, then work. The day was both fun and exhausting, and it was hot. The evening was much cooler and I was just resting, until I read more msgs from my family. I am surprised by their persistence on a certain matter that even they are not sure going to happen yet. I kept telling them to consider other possibilities out there, but it seems somehow their mind is made up. Oh well, not going to write too much about that. I'll just wait and see what happens. I've made my position on the matter clear enough. 

I'm going to meet another friend in a few days. I had to reschedule because I was too weak due to sickness, but I promised to meet her this week so hopefully it will happen. She is a very understanding caring person, but she's gone quiet ever since I rescheduled, I know that it's not because she is upset, she is just not sure what's going on with me.