July 14, 2021


My fifth tattoo came out nicely. The lady who gave it to me was really nice, too. She's into anime and Pokemon. She has a Charmander and Squirtle tattoo on her left upper thigh. Also she's 3 years younger than me which came as a surprise.

My wasp stings felt better today. My hand only hurts if I make a super tight fist or bend my wrist forward. My thigh, though, is really itchy. I took 2 benadryl and slept from like 4:30 to 9:30pm. I put some hydrocortisone on the stings after I woke up but the itch persists. The stings look like pimples that could be popped, but my parents advised against doing so.

I showed my parents my new tattoo and my dad looked kind of disappointed. I think he's mostly worried about how my grandma will react to my "nasty" tattoo. She's set in her old ways. It shouldn't bother her, though. It's my body, not hers. Plus, it's not even anything "devil worshipping" or "satanic" or negative at all. It's a Love Ball from pokemon. 

I can't hide it from her forever, especially considering that I wear a long tank top as a pajama top around the house and the tattoo is on my left shoulder. 

For now, I'm hiding it from both her and J. If I showed it to him but tried to hide it from my grandma still, he'd spill the beans in front of her. Otherwise I have no problem showing him. He likes my tattoos. 

I took 2 more benadryl about 2 hours ago and I'm still awake somehow. I used to take benadryl all the time, like candy, when I was younger and it had very little effect on me. I haven't taken it in a while so it makes me feel out of sorts.

I miss Da. I got to see him yesterday but it feels like I only barely saw him. I was on benadryl and napped for several hours while he was here. 

I don't have much else to say, but I feel like I need to say more. Like I forgot something. Maybe the benadryl is working. I should try to sleep.