June 11, 2021


Dear Diary,

Last night I was watching videos and I was shocked when I realized that horizontal lines on my screen are already gone. How did that happen?! I didn't do anything? LOL

But anyways I just thank God for I take it as a miracle. I was so happy last night.


Today is our graduation but the celebration hasn't started. I'm getting impatient. I want to screenshot my face LMAO.

Update: It's evening now and I am part of the graduation. I messaged our adviser and thank him for everything that he's sacrificed and apologized for my shortcomings. Although this was the most difficult school year so far (depression, palpitations, anxiety attack) I'm thankful for all of the experiences and learnings.

I saw my face and a warm hand touched my heart. All of the stress, hardships, bullying that I experiences last year, all of the times when I have to be alone because I have no friend from my section, this year I have no wifi so I have to make a way to have cellular data just to study, I also have problems with our old laptop so my brother have to buy another one, we don't have printer so I have to manually write our lessons, my mother was hospitalized so I have to do household chores while studying, my broken relationship with my sister, and my grandfather died.

I've been through so much and Thank God I succeeded High School. :)