June 09, 2021


Dear Diary,

Okay.. I would only be lying if I say that I am completely not talking to Rory because he still message me but those messages means nothing to me. My replies are very short unlike before and our topic is just art. I still see Rory as a co-artist and nothing more.

As much as possible I don't post anything aside from my artworks. I'm not bragging but I feel like he would not spend a minute talking to me if he don't think I'm cute or something (but really, I'm not) or it could also just be because he's bored and there's no one to talk to but me. Aside from being cold, I avoid viewing his stories. I think it's for the best. I don't look for him or stalk his social media anymore.

Update: Horizontal lines appeared on my phone after my father sit on it :( I tried to restart but nothing happened. I also drained its battery and charge to see what happens, but it didn't do anything. Apparently, I could only see 25% of my screen. My CSS student friend told me that the damage is on the LCD but she also said that LCD repair is expensive. I don't even have money for that :((