June 09, 2021 - Don't come at me if you are homophobic--


My bad, I wrote a note 48 minutes ago and it was trash ! Why am I like this ... 
Well, lemme tell you a secret , duh obviously you don't really know me so i don't really care if anyone goes on spreading it in their family gossips and if it does happen , DUDE I AM THE TALK OF YOUR HOUSE COME GIMME A KISS . 

Np^_^ the secret is still ridiculous 😪
  • I think I am a bisexual guy . 
  • The boy next door -- #$%@!@$^*(₩¥€=@%$&%
  • I am still not sure
  • My mum is a villain 
  • So better keep my mouth and this app shut. 

  • That nosy little kid that stares at me for no reason is looking for a beating , he told me I kissed his sister LIKE WHAT THE F*CK YOUR SISTER IS JUST AS NOSY AS YOU AND COME ON MY LIPS ARE SURPRISINGLY STILL VIR.G.IN ....

  • A question , Am I a simp if I said , ..... My classmate 'T' drools over me because it was once when I called them hot and was not in my right mind , now they are looking for chances with me ..... uhhh .... I'll go with the boy next door anyways.  
Can we imagine ourselves like this picture....#bliss - HE BETTER NOT FIND THIS OR I'LL START HATING HIM !!!!