April 15, 2021


Dear Diary, thought I'd givean update again. I have now completed the (first) paper. It was already graded too. I got a 1,3. Given the amount of effort I put in it I would have liked a 1,0, but it's fine. I was a bit annoyed by her explanation though. She basically said that I didn't quite meet a criteria that she had never mentioned before. But whatever, I'm glad that it's done. The next one I have to write is much shorter.

Knight is also writing a paper and she is getting very stressed about it. I suggested to her asking for more time so she doesn't have to stress herself out. I hope that wasn't insensitive or anything.

Her paper is on gothic elements in the Coraline novel. Interesting subject but I understand that she is struggling with it.

She also refollowed me on twitter recently. You probably don't remember, a few days after we followed each other, she unfollowed me. I never asked her about it, but now she is back. Interestingly it was on the same day that I accendentally called her on discord in the morning. I was checking if she wrote anything and that button is very unvonveniently placed in the mobile version. She has also called me accidentally before. It's kinda nice in a way because it shows that the other person is thinking about you. Maybe thats why she refollowed. She also chnaged her description on twitter saying that she is 23 years old. That is strange since she never had her age on her profile before and she is actually 24. It was her birthday a month ago and she changed her description to say "24 years old" for a while. Then she deleted it and now it says 23. Maybe she is feeling old? I can certainly relate to that. My 27th birthday is coming up and I dread it. It makes my lonelines even worse knowing that my chances of getting my first girlfriend dwindle with every year. I feel lonely as fuck again. It sucks so much being a guy, nobody will ever care about me.

Oh I also will be a tutor this semester. The professor I'm working for is doing an introductory lecture and he needed someone to do the tutorium. So starting next week I will talk to some first years over zoom answering questions, preparing them for the test and maybe doing some close reading for some of the texts. Everything over zoom of course. I actually look forward to it. It will be a new experience.

Well thats it for now,

Good Bye.