March 30, 2021 (9th public)


Last night I did yoga for 20 mins. It felt good (:

I'm glad I'm getting back into my night routine🥰😻

I also cried myself to sleep last night😀

My mother came to kiss me goodnight and never even notice🙂

My dad finally saw my report and said the same exact thing again, that I can do better.
He complained bout how he got a I (one) in Add Maths and I struggling to get 60%

'everything takes time'

Good day by Nappy Roots (song)

Anyway, I need to do better this term.
 I don't lose subjects;////

That means I gonna fall short with princess ):🥺
I don't wanna lose her tho ):
I see a future with her 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

I exercised today, so that's good 🥺🥰

She told me I don't need to yesterday, cus I'm perfect 🥺🥺

I still don't know what happening for my birthday.

Mummy needs to talk to me, cus princess needs to come 😤

Cus the week after is school and I will need to focus🐸

I'm excited to see my girls tho, it's been a whole ass year 😔😩

I started work today (: