February 23, 2021


Dear Diary,

Yesterday was a hectice day, I worked all day. I worked on the case studies given by my office till 1:30. And in between I was working, cooking and cleaning. I made very tasty food.

During lockdown I realised I really like cooking. Atleast till I have kids, I would cook daily. After that, I don't know how I will manage things. Will think of that later. I like being independent and doing everything by myself. Keeping myself busy. 

Unlike many people, I feel good if I am involved in work all day, though it should be something I am interested in. And fortunately I like my job and coding a lot. It made me very happy yesterday. 

I hope I get challenging work from now on in future too. 

And I did not know cooking till last year, but I had to learn. But I started liking it when my colleague also had to move to Mumbai for his project. We both were all alone, and social distancing so couldn't go outside. And he also did not have much experience in cooking, so I made dinner for both of us daily for about 2 months. I never got bored with the taste. And it felt good to cook for someone else too. So, yesterday also I did cooking for 3 people. I guess, I will keep doing it. 

And I am one of those people who are pretty messy. I am pretty unorganized too. But lately I improved on that too. I guess, I would say it's one of my biggest flaws, and I am happy, cleaning doesn't feel as bad to me now. 

So, overall, I am finally becoming the adult I wanted to become. 

I will look for a laundry service near me, and also will send back some stuff to hometown. So, I will separate those stuff today.