November 23, 2020, 2 AM Thoughts


Dear Diary,

Its 2 Am, tmrw it's monday and i have to go to work, its not very exciting going to work these days, specially the part where i have to talk to people and feel responsible for taking the company forward. Yeah, its true, that's a difficult part of my life. While i would love to just work on my own, on things i want to work on, just tinkering with something, learning about new stuff, taking my courses, but well. I am not saying i wont be able to do all these ever again, but this is not just the time for that. This is time for being responsible. 

I'll continue what i wanted to write yesterday. 

So yesterday, i made kvass(its basically pickled beet root =D), and in after noon we (me and dawrani) were watching the tuk tuk chai video, and i told him, i am going to make a cold tea. So i made that. And i finally ordered the scoby for kambucha. I have been waiting for it for weeks. I also made new batch of peanut butter, and added almond butter to my done and dusted list. I wanted to make stuffed mushrooms too, i went to the market but i couldn't find it anywhere. I made them today(Morning first thing i bought mushrooms =D). I am so obsessed with things =D. 😁😁

In morning today i was so excited, the only plan i had for today was to score the glasss jars ðŸ˜. I dont feel like buying stuff online these days, as long as i can get them here, i went to stores yesterday to find coby also, but i couldnt find anything at reasonable price. the sage store said 2500, is he crazy ? i mean its a biproduct. 

For the jars i called up arvind then pratik, arvind as usual gave me lectures =D and suggested me fancy things like terraium jars and aqariums =D. Yeah bdw, he is continuing work on the cloth drier, good to know, i really hope he makes something in the end (Then i can believe that no matter how stupid everyone thinks the idea is, Maybe its not)

Anyway, i went to begam bazar and got the jars. I wanted to buy that copper bottle too, but after a lot of bargaining and thinking that someone would give it for 350, i ended up  up reaching the end of the street and not able to buy it. But i bought 4 jars. Gift to myself, in advance. Once the scoby arrives, i am all set to make that kambucha. Then maybe some ginger beer too someday. i still havent found the bottles for that though.    

We were thinking about a business for selling beer brewing kit. Its simple, i think operations wise, doesnt require much effort, less profit, less audience too, may not be a repeating business, but maybe we can add other things to it later to make it a repeatable business or expand horizontally and sell some more items. Dawrani liked it.We both said, we'll read about possibility of this, but i haven't yet, i am not sure if he has.. ðŸ˜ðŸ˜. We are lazy and somehow all these business ideas we have been talking about, has never occured to me as real priority, she says it right, we only talk about things, when are we going to do something. (Honestly, I am not bummed , that i am not doing it, i am just wondering, why am i not doing it, i guess, because i am good involved with whatever i am doing, maybe someday when i would really feel the need, i would). But i definitely want to be a hardworking person and not a lazy one. 

Recently i read abhijeet anand's blogs. I have always admired him for how he can do so many things at the same time and do so good. I thought maybe he doesnt have a job and just studying so he does have some time, but he is actually working and 10-12 hours a day and doing his masters, working with his non profit and still has time to write things and make videos.. its amazing, but in his blog he shares, how he wakes up always at 6 and how he keeps his day productive. You see that's difference, thats what i have to do, if i want to achieve so many things. I cant just feel lazy all the time. I have to be active. My dad was very active. My mom is very active, my mama is too. Why am i lazy then. I shouldn't be even naturally😁😁

Anyway, About Diwali now. This diwali was ok, earlier the whole days i was sort of down, i dont know why, i felt missing something, and i think i was feeling quiet lost. I went to market and i was standing at the shop not remembering what i wanted to buy and so came out of it and went home, the crowd moving in front of me, but i was feeling as if alone. And those 2-3 days i felt like i was having extreme memory loss. (I forgot what i ate in breakfast after half an hour and i couldnt remember it, even on trying hard, until i asked sweety, what did we eat), that whole week i was doing mistakes like that., and i wasnt sad even then, knowing the fact that i am forgetting so much... Later i realized that maybe it was the lavender oil thing.. ðŸ˜ After so long i just added 2 drops in my bath and i think it did its work. It works almost 100% all the time. Anyway, later in night, i just felt like diwali, like i dont care, i am not missing anything, and i just fired up those crackers.. so many of them.. Felt totally satisfied with the sound of every single mirchi bomb 😁😁.

Apart from that nothing much is going on in life, Weeks go good when we talk. I feel positive about everything and time just flies. 

Ok now i am sleepy, the fact then i actually slpet while writing it.. Ok, Nighty Night..