November 22, 2020, Movies


Dear Diary,

`Happiness is Real only when shared with others` Chris writes it in the movie. Its saturday night, and i thought i'll watch a movie tonight. Its been long. Its almost close to 1st decemeber now, last year it was very different, iwas all excited about my long vacation, travel plans, ladakh, dawrani's wedding. This year.. Its quiet plan less. All these years i have always been excited about my bday and i do take some serious decisions during this time. But this year, i guess i am just busy. 

Anyway, last year around the same time, i was watching the move Before sunrise, i loved it, specially because the acting, the story, it felt so real, all their dialogues and conversations felt so real. So i started the second part, Before sunset today, i wanted to know what happened next, did they meet after 6 months as they promised? And i though the movie would be about that. It started differently, this time it's in paris, and its not 6 months, but very long, and he has written a book about the last time. This is not just some gooey romantic movie, it's very realistic, they are sitting in a caffe and just chatting about all the things, i am so happy watching this movie... 

I cant watch it now, cant watch it alone. I want to watch it with her. I dont know if she would like it though...She likes thrillers and mystries etc movies, she says she wants to watch scam92 series.. Reallyyy? =D. Well she even watched big boss once =D.

But we have liked some common movies. The bucket list, perks of being a wallflower, julie and julia. 

Anyway, i cant watch this movie today. 

How is life going ? 

Its busy busy busy. The year end is approaching, i dont have any idea, what will i say this time to mama, why i dont want to marry right now. I am turning 26.I don't know if i feel good or bad about getting older. Meera shared a book, from someonw who wrote 25 lessons on her 25th birthday. It made me think about few things. 

I am too sleepy right now, will write more tmrw.

Tuk tuk chai, kambucha, Kvass