Aeigh's Dear Diary

April 03, 2024
Dear Diary, Feel so sad :'( Lord, please help me.
Apr 03
March 11, 2024
Dear Diary, Please let me love my self first and please help me to forget him. He even forgot or intentionally not to greet my daughter on her birthday. Chibai! Let his family suffers for separating my child to her father!
Mar 11
February 21, 2024
Dear Diary, Hoping for someone from God who will protect us and loving us unconditionally and free from destructors or manipulators.
Feb 21
February 21, 2024
Dear Diary, Today is my daughter's 17th birthday. Her first time to celebrate without her father.
Feb 21
January 10, 2024
Dear Diary, Hoping that I can feel my worth, value, and be loved.
Jan 10
January 01, 2024
Dear Diary, Lets start our year right! Moving forward. We will not become a victim of narcissistics again. No disrespectful, no drama. God will guide and protect us. We are no longer become slaves who need to move to other room to accommodate your
Jan 01
December 25, 2023
Dear Diary, I can now see how peaceful I am without a narcissist on my side. Moving forward! Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas.
Dec 25
December 23, 2023
Dear Diary, Feelind sad... I want to feel loved, respected, protected, and secured. I want to survive.
Dec 23
December 22, 2023
Dear Diary, Made sleep over with my female friend who comfort me. The pain still exists but hardly trying to move forward. Hoping for someone who will take care of me, protect me, and make me feel secure.
Dec 22
December 21, 2023
Dear Diary, I feel the pain and sadness but to move forward I do not have anything to do. Am tired. I need respect, love, understanding, and acceptance. I did my best 16 years. I accept him for who he is, his past, but what he returned was d
Dec 21
December 20, 2023
Dear Diary, This is the 32nd-day that my husband left us and goes back to his mother who is paying his debts due to gambling addiction. He left us and never ask our whereabouts and how are we doing. It is too painful that after 16 years, thi
Dec 20