October 27, 2020


Dear Diary,

Last night I read a line which said that, the most difficult thing is to take decision to act and the rest is mere tenacity.

Today 1 woke up at 6, to pee. Then come back to bed and Theo get about how I actually ware up everyday at 6 but I just steep again but not today, I got up from bed and went for the walk, which I have been " thinking "about for so long.

I saw people on the street, it was cold and they were just waking up. -I saw few women outside a hospital, crying. Someone has left. I was having thoughts, I mean like, about death and attachment...

Anyway, I saw a board of a kick boxing training Center, a thought come to mind, I may join this, second very immediate thought came to mind, how I will tell everyone that I am learning kick boxing and how cool it would sound. The vey third that thought was I still haven't left attachment with my self-image, the thing I leant during vipalsana about how deeply I am attached with my self-image in front of others, and that is the reasonfor oor unhappiness so none times.sometimes I Om at least aware of it, but othertimes I don't even realise it, for example, when I wake up early today, I saw my mobile and  wanted to test someone that I wore up so early today and I am going for a walk. So she would think that I Om health conscious. And I dint realize it them that how I was trying to build my image there.

There is another side to it too, if I tell anyone about what IDD or what I like doing, then what will I share with someone about my life. I mean isn't these sort of things necessary to hove some emotional connect, I do not want to be disconnected from people.

I think I have the answer, I think I can share these things with close people, who, love, care about, but not to people where I just want to create an impression, people who are recent friends or are not really close.

Someone reading this may find this tobe such mundane and boring thing. But that's me (oops...)

By the way, i wrote this entire thing using apple pencil.. Its good.. Not great, but really good.. 

One more thing, i started this cpurse on coursera on astronomy, i think i'll finish this one. Its going good.. I lwarnt about how we measure the distance of a star or a planet and AU and parsec, our galaxy's center being 8000 parsec away. The hubblesite.org , the sloan sky survey... Its good.. 

Ok, bye, until next time.😀😀