September 19, 2020


This morning when J and I woke up, his head felt warm, but he didn't really have a fever. If I remember correctly, he had a temperature of 99.6 and I was at 99.3 at about 7:30am.

I went back to sleep.

I woke up around 3pm. My parents told me that J hadn't felt well all day; sneezing, runny nose, and sniffles. His temperature stayed in the 99's. 

I checked my temperature in my left ear around 5pm and it was 100.0. I then checked it in my right ear and it was 99.8. I checked my left ear again and it was 99.5. I believe J's was around 99.3.

I don't really have any symptoms aside from a fever and a headache which mostly went away after taking some ibuprofen. 

I hope it's just our allergies for J's sake. My family thinks he might have picked something up from his occupational therapy, especially since the employees have completely abandoned the use of masks. 

I feel like my parents, or more specifically my dad, might think this is something that I got from Da, or from being out and about with Da, and spread to J. 

I just want J to get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible. I hate to see my bb feeling sick. 

I also don't want to be sick, but I'd rather myself be sick than J. I'd prefer neither of us being sick though. 

Tomorrow is my parents' 29th anniversary and also Da's first of two days off. It would be rude to invite him over on their anniversary so that's out of the window. Also, he doesn't want to see me if I have a fever. I mean, he *wants* to see me, but it's best for both of us if he doesn't visit while I'm feverish. 

Hopefully I'll be feeling better and feverless on Monday and then I could see him.