September 09, 2020


Dear Diary,

Hello There. Past few days have been sad and happy. Mostly happy with a tint of sad. I havent had much time to think about  a lot of things. Its mostly just office and Kiot. I have been reading a few things, some tech stuff too. 

Day before yesterday i was thinking why i feel sad at times. I am helping people(I know not many, but i have helped a few) and i still have time. The work i am doing is also very challenging many times, many times i am operating at my best and still stuck at problems, it means i have enough challenges and space top grow....

ANyway, i want to write something about how i feel when i am seeing people on street. People with low money, when i look at them, i feel like i wanto do say something, do something, maybe tsit and talk with them, how it feels like, what motivates them to live, what kind of dreams they have, do they think of life and purpose etc, do they ever wish to go to europe or mount everest ? 

I mean, here i am, i have so many things, descent money, a good family, friends, no enemies(i think no one hates me and neither do i), i dont have to strugle every day, i can go shopping and order anything from amazon. If i am getting bored anytime, i can watch a movie on netflix on my ipad. I wonder how they live without all these or am i just Lost... 

We went shopping this sunday, watched the bucket list after coming home. 

In the coming few days, i want focus on these words : Detachment. Faith.