August 15, 2020, Rainy Morning


Dear Diary,

Its drizzling since last night, the morning beats instrumental playing on speaker, its mixed with sound of rain outside. Its cold. I sat for meditatoin, there is no noise from road, ocassional bikes passing by. Its almost as perfect i always imagined (Ofcourse i turned on the warm light bulb). But now it feels just normal. As days go by, things feel more normal and not as exciting as they looked earlier. 

I dont have something special to write today, but as usual life is going by, everyday i feel like i am learning, advancing, but still not sure about what big thing i am going to do. 

Saw one more thing from elon musk today, the loop, how they actually invented te new technology to drill the underground faster, way too faster and cheaper. 

Most people(including me) would have thought, what is so special about the underground cars, we already have underground trains... But they revisited the problem and innovated something. 

For me this is really big example of planned innovation, if we leave our beliefs and everything we know in a corner and decide to solve a problem, anything can be fixed/improved. 

I wonder if he had the idea about the drilling solution prior to starting the project or they just fixated on the solving problem of commute and evantually worked out the drilling solution. 


I put efforts to make the chocolate this week, not good. I even bought the cocoa butter. Started a course on startups. Thats it. Had  a serious discussion with sandeep, karthik and kishore, at one point i just snapped and about to walk out of the door, but thank god, something in me stopped me right at the gate and i came back and sat. Its just sometimes i feel(its just i feel, it may not be a fact) that sandeep talks foolishly, he doesnt think so much. I mean, i keep feeling like we make products not basis on some solid research, but just for the sake of making. I mean, how users are going to use it, how it is going to feel like in a users hand when he picks it, what problem is it solving, can there be a better way, what sort of things people are using in the market today etc.. I just feel like things like these dont bother him much. Ofcourse this could be just what i am thinking, he talks with customers, he should be knowing what people want and i have to trust his instincts. Thats how teams work, if i knew everything, i wouldnt need him. I believe evantually we'll succeed but in the end it wont feel that glittery as one imagine when thinking of a startup. Because it is going to be very very difficult. 

I wonder if it is any different for other people who succeeded... And also, i think for me there is no clear point of success, it'll always be just going forward...


Anyway. I wanted to make focacia bread today, but mom would not let me make it, because... I'll tell you later about it..