May 22, 2020


I did a good deed today and it made me feel good. I don't want to make a facebook post or anything because I don't really want to be recognized for it. 

A friend of mine that I used to have benefits with was messaging me last night or the night before and he showed me a pic of his refrigerator. I'll include it in this post, but yeah, it's pretty much empty. 

I had to go to the store today to pick up some medicine and I just couldn't stop thinking about him, his mom, and his step mom having so very little food. I told my mom about that I would like to buy them some food and drop it off at their house and she agreed to it. 

It added up to only being about $20 worth of food, but that is free dinner for them for several nights. I bought 7 boxes of macaroni, 2 boxes of 12 count ramen noodles (chicken and beef flavors), 3 individual shrimp flavored cup ramen (they didn't have a box of 12 and I know that boy likes to have a variety), 4 regular sized cans of chef boyardee (spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, beef ravioli, and beefaroni), 2 big sized cans of chef boyardee spaghetti o's, 2 loaves of bread, 2 avocados (boy likes avocados), and a pack of tomatoes on a vine (there were like 5). 

He was grateful. I gave him hugs and he made me look him in the eyes and said, "No, seriously, thank you." I texted his mom since she and step mom hadn't gotten home yet and she didn't say it, but I bet she cried. 

"Thank you. That was so sweet. You are an amazing person with a great big heart. And I hope when this mess is over we get to see ya around here again. Xoxo"

I told her I knew it wasn't a lot but I hope it helps. 

"It's a lot to us. And we appreciate so much."

That is all the recognition I need. 

This has helped me realize that one day when I'm in a comfortable enough position money-wise that I want to volunteer and help people in as much of a direct way as I can. 

My parents didn't really let on to it much when my sisters and I were growing up, but we used to be a lot like my friend and his parents, struggling for food. I don't know how it feels to have someone personally bring you food like I did for him, but I know how it made me feel. 

And I'm honestly not in the position to be buying food like that for other people. I haven't worked since early March because of covid19 so I've just been watching my bank account slowly drain. 

But I feel good about what I did. I want to do it for others in the future. That's the moral of the story.