March 22, 2020


Just had my hear broken for second time. But now I don't think I will feel broken forever, yeah I cried so much because of him, but I know I will get better This time I know it. maybe  not this week or this month or this year but I will get over this, I won't let one boy to destroy my life. Both my loves was not succeeded but maybe someday will find that love who will make me happy or maybe not who knows But I have to live my life.Even how much the second love meant to me I regret it. It was without good ending for the start but silly me thought he will love me the same loved him, I knew it will end at some point but let myself to fall for his words,for his actions who was just because he didn't have anyone else in his life and when he got I became just friend. Because of this I regret this second love he wasn't worth my time my love my attention, because even how much time I told him I care about him and that was so freaking scared to be the only one failing in love, he said he feels the same but now I know he never understood what I was feeling at that time I believed him, but that was just words and I was stupid for believing him. I regret my time and I feel that ending thiwas the right thing to do because he wouldn't have ended it. It was nice for him to have someone how always was for there for him. But I was destroying myself  by loving him and caring for him, when he was with me just because there wasn't anyone else and when he found other i wasn't needed anymore.