January 14, 2020


Dear Diary,

Tried to get motivated today, which I did I went to the gym. Then the store n done roots which was way past due. Did cal the guys insurance to see if they started on my claim for chance but no answer of course. Never answers from anyone I’ve been in this hell for over months with no easy answers. 

Maybe I should explain. My 16 year old son was killed at 414am August 2, 2019. He was hit by a truck while he was walking home. My nightmare began about 630 am right after we crossed into Virginia on the way to the beach. I hear my daughters frantic voice wanting to know if I had heard from chance and that his friends were looking for him but there was a body on Big Ben highway literally half mile from our house. He had decided to come home from his friends about 3 am and decided to walk home, which he done stuff like that all the time. 

Well I’ll have to continue this story later how to get back to life and try find normal.