January 14, 2020, Whoa...


Dear Diary,

How many times did i tell you this, that happiness is only a walk away. I am telling you again, Every time you are irritated, Just go for a walk. Remember it now. =D. 

Yesterday i was all irritated, but today i am very happy. 

Its festival tomorrow, and i saw kites, few flying, few falling in the sky. I saw rangolis outside homes, i saw a 3 year old trying to fly a kite in the street, he cannot, but he keeps trying. Its so cute and inspiring at the same time.  These rangolis and festivals are not just materials, i think its something beyond colors, it is emotion, and it is humanity, it is how we are different from other things around us. 

Then i saw kids playing the same game i used to play when i was a kid, Dherya. Basically if we don't have money for kites, but we can get our hands on a small amount of thread, we can tie anything(a stone, a paper, a bag, 2 stones, anything which cant be tied =D ) at one of it and then make it fight with other Dherya. I was so surprised to see that it's played in this part of the country too, its so far away from my home, i think maybe all kids think alike about few things. 

I went to library today, bought the fucking course and finished second part, applying for its certification. 

In the park today, i went till the end of it, and came back. Last time i attempted it i gave up in between, this time i did not. Many times i felt like giving up, taking the middle exit and take an auto and go home, but i did not. Kept running, When i reached home, it was 10Kms.. Yuhoooo!!! Finally. 

One more thing. Today i saw someone writing on the platform, she is from West Virginia. I hope writing here helps her in someway. Yesterday i was thinking that it's all meaningless. But this is something, i may never be able to travel to west virgina, ever. But in a way my idea has travelled there. People from so many places in the world write here. Whatever small number it is, but its not meaning less. Whatever i am doing, i know at times i feel like its only time pass, but inside i know that the dots will connect somehow. It wont go waste... 

I'll keep looking for the signs and keep doing things... 

Goodnight... ❤️❤️.