Online diary


I decided to do this online diary because I felt like sharing with people who I don't have to be careful around. Since I don't feel like I can talk to anyone in the real world, I wanted to talk online. Especially with some of my secrets, so I can let them out and just forget about them.

When I write, I'm usually feeling high emotions about what's bothering me. So I might write either very frequently with a few notes at a time, or very occasionally.

And when I write, it's like transferring my emotions onto paper. With this, I can feel my anger or sadness leave me little by little the more I write.

Sometimes I think about handing my physical diary to someone to read, but I can't bare the thought of how they would look at my afterwards. So, with this online diary, I would really like to say anything I want. And I would really appreciate a comment. It doesn't have to be anything thoughful. Just something that acknowledges what I've written, but anything really if you so choose.

I realize how this might sound that im just looking for attention, but to be honest... I actually am, for once in my life. I dont particularly care whether I get it or not. Just the fact that people are seeing what I write is enough. All I wanted was to share, almost like a kind of therapy with this online journal.