I think about what could be most important in my life, and every time I do, my thoughts run to art. Art is what I want my future to be made up of. I've always loved to draw since I was little, and everything about art just moves me. It lures me. I want to be a part of it more than anything in the world.

I wanted to make art be a part of my future, like a career. But my mother told me it would be better to have it as a hobby. To not make it into a profession because artists don't make a lot of money.

I wish I hadn't listened to her. In today's day and age, art has become more popular, recognized and appreciated. People are making money off art left and right, and with the right media, they could get well enough money to survive and make a living off of.

But because I listened to my mother, I veered away from the world of art when I was young so I could pursue something different. My focus turned to culinary arts. And though I do like to cook, being in a culinary arts program in college really made me realize that it's not exactly something I want to do all the time.

What I want is to go back into art, and because I haven't focused on it in so long, my skills and imagination have become rusty.

My dream with art is to fall back into the world of it. To lock myself up in a room and just sit for hours on a piece without a care in the world for anything else. I want to paint, and draw, and sketch, color, play with charcoal, use oil pastels, get my hands dirty in the process of creating. I want to lay out my imagination on canvas with whatever media I can use. And I don't want to think about the time at all.

The most annoying thing about art is forgetting to sleep or eat. I wish I could live without eating or sleeping, so I can have more time with art, and to not worry about what people might call on me and distract me for.