October 08, 2019


Dear Diary, I'm so tired, I can't wait for the school holiday. 

11. October we are going to Tallinn with our class and 9.class. I don't like the 9th class, because I think they are weird.
If we are going to Tallinn I want to eat there some Asian food, I want to go to the music shop and I want to print some photos of BTS too.
I'm watching the new series now. I'm watching the U-Prince series. 

There are 12 seasons:
  1. Handsome cowboy
  2. Gentle vet
  3. Lovely geologist
  4. Badass baker
  5. Absolute economist
  6. Foxy pilot
  7. Playful comm-arts
  8. Extroverted humanist
  9. Single lawyer
  10. Crazy artist
  11. Badly politics
  12. Ambitious boss

I completed Handsome cowboy season and now I'm watching Gentle vet.
That's so romantic 💕