Mellu's Dear Diary

October 15, 2019
Dear Diary, I'm now at school and it's a music lesson. I'm bored because the teacher went somewhere and we do nothing. Do you know Sulli? She was actress and singer but she died yesterday. I'm so heartbroken, because I loved her dramas and her so muc
Oct 15
October 08, 2019
Dear Diary, I'm so tired, I can't wait for the school holiday. 11. October we are going to Tallinn with our class and 9.class. I don't like the 9th class, because I think they are weird.If we are going to Tallinn I want to eat there some Asian food,
Oct 08
October 02, 2019
Dear Diary, I thought about my future now. I know it's really important to me and I have time to discuss this. So I need to choose university, job for getting money and place for living. It's short list but this really needs good thinking about all t
Oct 02
September 29, 2019
Dear Diary, today I want to write about my Summer school. Yeah, it was one month ago. We went to summer school with my some friends. We had a lot fun and yeah that was interesting. We were there for two days but we did so much things.We played truth
Sep 29
September 27, 2019
Dear Diary, today I went to TÖF. That was so cool. We went to Tartu and I bought a new book. It's again about BTS. It's so cool bookNow I have two books about BTS 💜. We had a good time and that was very funny.
Sep 27
September 26, 2019
Dear Diary, exchange students have been in Estonia for three days. I haven't seen them for a long time because they always go to somewhere.My legs hurt because I ran a lot yesterday. I ran for school marathon. There were 30 people to run. In my class
Sep 26
September 24, 2019
Dear Diary, exchange students weren't today at school long. They went somewhere but I think that they are tomorrow at school. I haven't seen anybody from exchange students. But I think I see them tomorrow.
Sep 24
September 22, 2019
Dear Diary, tomorrow is school(again) and I can't wait to meet exchange students from Germany. They're not coming to our class.  So, yeah, I can't speak with them maybe. But it's cool that they're at our school. I just want to make new friends and l
Sep 22
September 19, 2019
Dear Diary, I want to write about my one favorite thing. I love watching dramas! I'm watching Korean dramas, Chinese dramas and sometimes Taiwanese dramas too.  I like them because they are so romantic, funny and interesting. That's what I like so mu
Sep 19
September 16, 2019
Dear Diary,I'm back from cleaning my room.  It's much beautiful and clean. I'm proud. Now I need to keep it.I add some photos too about my clean room now.
Sep 16
September 16, 2019
Dear Diary, I have studied for a hour. Now I don't have anything to do. But I'm going to clean my room. I don't want to be lazy so it's better. I wanted to clean it a long time. And now I'm going to do thatSo yeah, I can't write long. I'm wasting my
Sep 16
September 15, 2019
Dear Diary, I'm bored and I don't want to do anything. I need studying for tomorrow but I don't want. I'm lazy, I know itI want to do something but I'm too lazy to do that. I usually study in the evening. It's bad because I like to sleep a lot. I hav
Sep 15
September 15, 2019
Dear Diary, now I want to write about BTS. BTS is South Korea boys band. There are seven members. Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J-hope, Jungkook, Jimin and V. BTS is my favorite kpop band. I like them music so much. It's sweet and cool. I like them style t
Sep 15
September 14, 2019
Dear Diary, I want to know how you're going to be with your parents. I live with my dad. My parents broke up six years ago. I live with my younger sister and brother in my father's house. Mother lives elsewhere but we're going to visit her if we want
Sep 14
September 14, 2019
Dear Diary, A few new students came to our school, but a larger class. I'm a little jealous that I can't be in their class, but it's okay, I agree.  I started to like a boy from there. I don't know how to describe him. He's tall, handsome, and he se
Sep 14