Attracting love 's Dear Diary

January 21, 2024
Dear Diary, Kal interview h or I don’t know kya prepare karu dar lg raha h  And papa ye nhi to ye ek ladke ko haan kar de Bc birthday se phle they want deal done  But muze koi pasand kyu nhi aata Sab samza rahe h man ko kahi to samzana hoga  Bh
Jan 21
January 12, 2024
Dear Diary, Im feeling anxious just that one thing koi aapko pyaar kare  except this , everything is good . I will be having a interview soon it is like a dream job for me or the location i want or may be i find my love in that city . As time pass
Jan 12
October 03, 2023
Dear Diary, I dont know how much more strong god want me to be , no more lessons please khud ki sari khwaishe na puri ho koi dikkat nhi but parents ki bechani dekhi nhi jaati vo bhi meri vjgh se  Mere mummy papa kya nhi kar rahe mere liye ki meri
Oct 03
September 23, 2023
Dear Diary, Why god why you do this jo muze pasand  aate h unhe me pasand nhi aati . Aab i had conversion bhi a guy he is sweet but im not attracted to him kya kiya jaye aab or jin ladko ke liye muze feeling aati h unhe mere liye nhi so kya karu me
Sep 23
September 09, 2023
Dear Diary,  Ok its been so long I haven’t wrote anything  Things i have realised know boys want to talk topic of their interest they want that girl should know that topic and all the other things they want i marriage how come the think everything
Sep 09
February 28, 2023
Dear Diary, Last sunday i talk to a guy he is 3 rd in last 4 months i dnt know where im doing wrong every boy reject me . This is like ki me kisi ko pasand aaugi bhi ya nhi itna bura to shyad kisi ke sath bhi nhi hota no no no every time no  likee
Feb 28
February 25, 2023
Dear Diary, Okk writing this with tears in eye today one of me classmate got married after so much struggle she was in love with a boy of other caste and after 3 year finally her family agreed and she got married 10 years of love from school to thi
Feb 25
February 15, 2023
Dear Diary, Not able to sleep hahaha why i feel alone . Why marriage is all i want in my life even this job is not giving me the happiness
Feb 14
February 10, 2023
Dear Diary, Heyyyyy im enjoying my life here , how day pass i didn’t realise . Busy happy scared and no time for tears anymore .why i didnt started my job before ? im meeting new people every day grateful for being nice to everyone . Im feeling lik
Feb 10
January 24, 2023 Gods plan
Dear Diary,  Okk i got my first job , but im so scared 3 year in comfort zone and now all of sudden job and change of city all together . 23 January Mehndi lgne vali thi and 23 January I joined my new office . I was supposed to move with a man to we
Jan 24
December 06, 2022
Dear Diary, So its been 2 month  Still scared of things ki koi sirf mere liye h ki nhi , in romantic movies jeise sach me kuch hota h ki nhi ,  koi sirf or sirf aapse pyaar kare aap ke pass ho kuch na bhi bole bus sath ho us chij ki khushi ho , ko
Dec 06