MyIdeasAlwaysShine's Dear Diary

You are the reason
Dear Diary, Don't turn your back on love, don't you ever turn your back on true love, because one day darkness may take it away from you and you may never get it back.
Aug 08
Thinking about
Dear Diary, I'm thinking about something that's very beautiful, something that's very amazing, something that's very special, something that's very extraordinary, something that's divine, something that's magnificent, something that truly is uni
Aug 08
Que Sera Sera
Dear Diary, When I was just a little girl I asked my mother, "What will I be? Will I be pretty? Will I be rich?" Here's what she said to me Que sera, sera Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Que sera, sera What will be, will b
Aug 07
Dear Diary, Yup. It's all about Serendipity. It appears to be so. Not sure how it's connected, how Universal songs that Universe sent to me are connected, and what's the message from the Universe, but I'll see the movie ASAP to figure it out. =)
Aug 06
Two angels - two hearts
Dear Diary, Well, here we are again I guess it must be fate We've tried it on our own But deep inside we've known We'd be back to set things straight I still remember when your kiss was so brand new Every memory repeats Every step I take retreats
Aug 06
Lifting us high
Dear Diary, Who knows what tomorrow brings In a world few hearts survive All I know is the way I feel When it's real, I keep it aliveThe road is long There are mountains in our way But we climb a step every dayLove lift us up where we belong Where
Aug 06
When you need me so
Dear Diary, Hearts go astray, leaving hurt when they go I went away just when you needed me so Filled with regret I come back beggin' you Forgive, forget. Where's the love we once knew? Open up your eyes, then you'll realize here I stand With my e
Aug 06
You are the song
Dear Diary, You are the song Playing so softly in my heart I reach for You You seem so near And yet so far I hope and I pray You'll be with me someday I know down inside That You are Mine and I'm Your true love Or am I dreamingHow can I Each time
Aug 06
Dear Diary, Everybody thinks of me like I'm Batman or Superman, like I'm some sort of a Superhero. But in reality, I'm not a Superhero. I don't fight to save Gotham City or Metropolis, I fight to save LOVE. And I'm lucky to have the Universe
Aug 05
Best advice. Ever!
Dear Diary, When you've got nothing better to do and when there's really nothing else for you to do, go online and read yourself some fan fiction. Always works, and it is the best kind of therapy 😜😙
Aug 04
Dear Diary, Don't allow power to consume you for power does not just consume you, power also completely envelops your mind, your heart, and your soul in darkness, and thus completely corrupts your mind, your heart, and your soul. The more power y
Aug 04
Dear Diary, You've no idea what they do to you, you've no idea what they've already done to you, and you've no idea what they're going to do to you. The worst hasn't yet begun, the worst is only just beginning. No man of power will ever admit thi
Aug 03
Question About the Music
Dear Diary, I'm often asked a lot of questions. There are questions that I like being asked and there are questions that I don't like being asked. One of the questions I really like being asked is what type of music am I listening to, what kind
Aug 03
Dear Diary, I am going to pray to God today so that ww3 doesn't happen.
Aug 02
Dear Diary, I got Corona ( Covid ) again.  Which series do you strongly recommend? I'm willing to watch it without passing any judgment, like I normally do. It can be anything, just shoot me one, surprise me. Be a dear friend -
Aug 02