MyIdeasAlwaysShine's Dear Diary

Dear Diary, You've a heart, you've a mind, and you've a soul. You've greatness and you've destiny. You've a purpose and you've a meaning. You've imagination and you've curiosity. You've a vision and you've a dream. You've everything you need. Yo
Dec 02
First million
Dear Diary, So you wanna give up, so you wanna give in, so you wanna surrender, huh? Well, if you wanna give up, if you wanna give in, and if you wanna surrender, my thoughts are this, you should definitely give up, you should definitely give in
Nov 28
Dear Diary, You are going to fail and you are going to fail, you are going to fail again and again, for the road to success is never easy, road to success is always hard. But it does not matter how many times you fail, it doesn't matter how man
Nov 25
His name was Carl
Dear Diary, I once knew a man, a very wise man. And this very wise man was kind enough to tell me the secret, the true secret to life. It took me years to understand it, for for years, many years I didn't understand it well enough. But now I do
Nov 24
Ignorance vs Knowledge
Dear Diary, On the one side there's knowledge, everything you've ever been taught, everything you know, and on the other side there's ignorance, everything you've never been taught, everything you've yet to know. If you choose ignorance over kno
Nov 24
Power of your mind
Dear Diary, I want you to imagine something today, I really want you to imagine something today. Imagine that there are three immensely powerful frequencies in your life. The first frequency is frequency you've already seen and you've alread
Nov 24
Reality of life
Dear Diary, When I take a look at this world, what's happening all over, all across, and all around the world, I see all kinds of people who smile and I see all kinds of people who cry, I see all kinds of people who are happy and I see all kinds
Nov 17
You are beautiful, my friends
Dear Diary, I think of myself as someone whose purpose and meaning of life is to motivate and inspire people to follow and to pursue their biggest dreams. If anything makes me smile as wide as anyone can smile is seeing someone very happy who is
Nov 17
Game of Life
Dear Diary, I want to tell you how special you truly are, I want to tell you how significant and how important you truly are, and I want to tell you how divine, how magnificent, and how one of a kind you truly are.  I want to tell you the tr
Nov 16
Message to Humanity
Dear Diary, You know, I've this very crazy idea floating in my mind. I want to make a massive difference in your world, I want to make a tremendous difference in your life. I want to motivate you, I want to inspire you, I want you to see your tr
Nov 16
What I shouldn't tell
Dear Diary, Let me tell you something you don't know, let me tell you something that is going to completely transform your life from worse for the better, if you'll let it, let me tell you something that will completely alter the entire course of
Nov 10
Dear Diary, You know, it's easy to give up, it's easy to just let it go, it's easy to give in to it, and it's easy to just call it quits and surrender, but what good does giving up, what good does letting go, what good does giving in, and what g
Nov 07
The world shall be yours
Dear Diary, You are beautiful, and you are amazing, you are special, and you are extraordinary, you are magnificent, and you are divine, you've got potential that's endless, that's infinite, and that's limitless, and you are worthy and you are v
Nov 06
Brand New Day
Dear Diary, Dear stranger, today is a brand new day of your life, today is a brand new chance, today is a brand new opportunity, and today is a brand new possibility for you to make and create something truly special and extraordinary of you
Nov 02