A Trilion Thoughts's Dear Diary

This one takes the cake
7:45pm...one Friday night:  It was almost time for my Zoom catch up with my bestie.   Unbeknownst to me, she had ordered a cake for my belated birthday and timed it to arrive just before our call (so we could celebrate together) Super sweet! 
Apr 15
Highs and Lows
"How's the music teaching going?" "Oh you know...there are highs and lows...we call it pitch!" xD It's been a crazy term, but I'm grateful for my job.  But also, super grateful that the holidays have arrived!
Apr 12
"Miss, what's your first name?" #TeacherLife
Apr 07
When I was in Primary School,  I received an award for my attendance rates.  I was absent, the day they handed out the awards. Haha.
Apr 05
Poetry Prose Puns Oh and a sprinkle of alliteration and whatnot 😊 Welcome to my trillions of thoughts Hope you don’t get lost in them! 🤪
Apr 01
He is Risen
He is risen  He is risen indeed  I'm forgiven  Oh, I am redeemed. Loved watching the sunrise this morning and reflecting on how Jesus rose from the dead.  Happy Easter!
Mar 31
Sunday is Coming
"Friday's good 'cause Sunday is coming Don't lose hope 'cause Sunday is coming" Happy Easter!  Sunday is Coming - Phil Wickham
Mar 30
R e s [e] t
Mar 29
Feelings are fickle  Feelings are strange  Feelings are fickle  And feelings can change
Mar 28
I'll Write You
I’ll write you, A letter That you’ll never read I’ll write you, This song That you’ll never hear Cause I don’t wanna say Say too much In front of your face I don’t wanna say Say too much Cause it’s not my place But all of
Mar 25