Love_to_be_psycho_😘's Dear Diary

October 13, 2021
Dear Diary, In this durga puja...I just wish ki early morning what I wished to mother nature should be fulfilled...I really feel alone and bad please grant my wish god....🥺 This is the 1st durga puja I am not with my family...I am missing them so
Oct 13
October 07, 2021
Dear Diary, So yesterday my new semester started...and I am in final year of UG happy for that.... I have one thing that I want degree within that I can fulfill my deeds in mba in healthcare management... So when I bid this colleg
Oct 07
September 25, 2021
Dear Diary, May be I don't surround with that much people but that one person I have who is there with me with no bad intention no mean nothing... always tolerate me.... I m so happy na I can't express...may he should all his dreams come true whic
Sep 24
September 19, 2021
Dear Diary, I feel sometimes very bad ...the person I love very badly... don't overcome trust in me...but it's fine he needs time and thinking to understand it...but I feel very bad when he becomes moody to me😔....and makes me feel ki he don't lov
Sep 19
August 29, 2021
Dear Diary, 1st call by him🥰 I was so happy....though he have did normal call .... But for was so special....🥰I can't express my happiness
Aug 28
August 28, 2021
Dear Diary, Within few days...he have become this important to me...since it's 1 month we met but at one sight I have seen him and started liking him...and on 23 aug I confessed my feelings...but it was not a he is not on that path..
Aug 27
August 12, 2021
Dear Diary, Today I finally realised that ki in this except ur family u should never do extra care of anyone..that to only one sided....bcoz no one deserves...n never show goodness ... Nothing is gonna work😒😒I really realised this today...n I m go
Aug 12
August 08, 2021
Dear Diary, Today may be my days are not going well...but one fine day my days are gonna my life is set to new beginning aldready..still I am not that much ok..but I keep myself chilled so...I feel alone sometimes...but it's fine 😇I w
Aug 08
August 07, 2021
Dear Diary, Please yaar make my life normal... Please send someone who will always support me🥺not leave me alone for a second 😔 I don't know what's happening with me😔
Aug 06
August 06, 2021
Dear Diary, Today I got to know two points about me... Firstly I am very personal....yes I am very personal bcoz those instances which happened in my life...are due to certain things and that's why I am very personal....when I will see this things
Aug 06
August 05, 2021
Dear Diary, Today I felt a little I just like one boy people like for his personality but yaa I like too bcoz of that but I like too bcoz of his pierced earrings...sounds funny 😂 I just like him n wanna be short I feel happy
Aug 05
August 02, 2021
Dear Diary, I am feeling good stress and no tension and it gave me enough strategies to deal with my troubles and stress😊 Like if we don't take any stress naa... everything will go smoothly I am feeling so good
Aug 02
July 31, 2021
Dear Diary, I want someone in my life...who cares me more than universe and less than parents...who gives me the wings to fly with bright colours and trust me and understand me and always keep talking with me still we have fights too...plz send som
Jul 31
July 28, 2021
Dear Diary, Sometimes I feel alone....but I am satisfied and happy in life...It is making me strong enough to face with every problems in my life....and it's a big thing I think so😊
Jul 28
July 26, 2021
Dear Diary, Today I have offline classes after a long time...hope it would be a great day
Jul 26