ARBOR's Dear Diary

June 20, 2022
Dear Diary, Love how The U.S has basically turned its back on Ukraine.
Jun 20
June 16, 2022
Dear Diary, today I took apart the face of my oven to clean it as part of staging my home and there were these spacers which I put in wrong and the top screws ended up coming through the out side oven handle, so it took a full day of work to fix that
Jun 16
June 15, 2022
This year i shut down my business. I miss it, i miss the clients, the interactions. I don't miss the bad employees though, not being stuck with some weirdo crack head for a week. Right now I'm Working on my house to sell it, it's very slow going. I p
Jun 15
June 14, 2022
Dear Diary,why did I get a dog that sheds? Half my life is spent chasing dog hair.
Jun 14
June 11, 2022
Dear Diary, I can't believe it's been that long since I was here. I'm gonna try to diary every day, stress has me needing to vent.
Jun 12
December 16, 2020
Dear Diary, i had a dark day I'll  keep it in for now. 😄
Dec 17
December 15, 2020
Dear Diary, i have 2 nephews here today with only a half hours notice cuz one faked sick..i know it cuz he's eyeing up my baked goods. I have unwrapped gifts in the garage so no hanging out there until i get them hidden. I had 2 coffees already and m
Dec 15
December 14, 2020
Dear Diary, The only person who's content in my life with me being single, is me. My sister is always mentioning it, Jen and John mentioned it today... I don't like it, if you mention it as a negative my mindset goes from  " I'm gonna eat and watch
Dec 15
December 14, 2020
Dear Diary, babysitting Jen and Jonnys son today, they're going to couples therapy at 9am.  They live on a big hill so I'll wear my snow gear and maybe make it fun.   - update.  Had fun, there were some other kids from another acreage on the hi
Dec 14
December 13, 2020
Dear Diary, Did my final gift shopping, first time I've ever not waited to last min. I'm not too motivated tonight, I'll  redecorate the main tree to make it prettier. I need to get a better sleep schedule.  Saw that beautiful neighbor again today,
Dec 14
December 12, 2020
Dear Diary, Went sledding today, Kyle and Tyler had a lot of fun. Got back to my place and had hot chocolate, shot some pool in the garage and took some selfies. They're gone now, I'll walk wicket and do laundry and procrastinate the night away watch
Dec 12