Nat_Nation 's Dear Diary

November 24, 2020
Dear Diary, today... I'm giving up on love for real. It was a nice road full of pain. Now I resign this feeling so I won't feel pain no more.
Nov 24
November 22, 2020
Dear Diary, why bad people have everything... why karma stoped working ? We good people try so hard and put so much effort in everything.  But someone bad or someone with a lot of money can just take it away so fast. I know the world it's not fair...
Nov 22
November 21, 2020
Dear Diary, I really hate overthinking... I hate it so bad that I want to cry everytime my brain doesn't stop.  Please... give me some peace , I know my goals are big... but at this moment they are hard to achieve even if I try harder.  And you know
Nov 21
November 18, 2020
Dear Diary, everything is the same over and over again even if I try to make something different everything goes back to the same place... I try so hard to make internet friends like I used to do when I was younger but it seems that there a whole sex
Nov 19
November 13, 2020
Dear Diary,today I thought about ending my life again... there are too many factors that influence this thoughts,  I've tried my best to recover from depression because I hate being sad and caring about every single thing in my life. It was a good 6
Nov 13
November 03, 2020
Dear Diary, a friend that I met in an app a year ago made me feel super happy about meeting him from the distance he lives in Amsterdam and my heart felt so warm when he told I love you even friends needs to hear that some times. Be kind tell your fr
Nov 03
November 02, 2020
Dear Diary, today I will buy a notebook and start writing the things that u want for me little and big things. I hope I can accomplish them little by little.... because I'm tired of feeling sad
Nov 02
October 26, 2020
Dear Diary, why do i Keep being a good person caring for others and keep trying ? 10 years ago a guy whom I liked very much told me I should always be good because one day someone will realized that and would fall in love with me like he did.
Oct 26
October 24, 2020
Dear Diary,why people keep leaving?... I don't want to think I'm not enough but...if I was...why should they leave  then ?
Oct 24
October 21, 2020
Dear Diary,I think I'm unlovable.
Oct 22
October 20, 2020
Dear Diary, I think he only send  me a message once or two times a day so he can feel better about himself.  He hurts me... and he doesn't even know what he's  doing
Oct 21
October 20, 2020
Dear Diary, It's been a while since I liked someone and when I finally do... after he treated me so kind nice and even played video games with me online ... he started ignoring me.  I know the idea of a long distance relationship is not the best o
Oct 20