September 16, 2022


Dear Diary, it's been a while... I don't talk with the guy I was in love with and obsessed for the past 2 years... I don't live on the same country anymore . The only thing that remains the same is that I still wanna die. I still feel lonely even if I'm around of people. I feel so lonely and alone.... and dear God why can't you give me a break it's not easy to let everything go and start a new life it's not easy at all.. I need a break from all of this I know hard times are temporary but goddammit it's too much right now. I don't earn enough to pay rent by myself and my brother who's supposed to help me for a little already wants me gone ? His wife is making my life impossible and honestly.... I feel like I have no family at this point.  Yes I'm starting to date someone who honestly I would like to grow with him but he doesn't seem very confident about it. Maybe I'm just made made for tragedies