MyGoalsareMyFuture's Dear Diary

Dear Diary, Bone. There will soon be a bone out there, a golden bone, a bone that will be so huge, so big, so enormous, so massive, so tremendous you won't be able to unsee it. But the question is, when you will see it, finally, when you will foc
Dec 04
Silence Plus Patience
Dear Diary, In my previous two post I had written about the Art of Silence and Patience, so it's time now to write not just about Silence and not just about Patience, but about Silence AND Patience. You see, they are both equally powerful, Your
Dec 03
Dear Diary, Silence, my friend. Silence is very powerful and I covered this in my previous post, but there's something else that's even much more powerful than silence and that something else is patience. For, just like silence, patience can also
Dec 03
The Art of Silence
Dear Diary, Silence. Silence can either be your worst enemy or your best friend, silence can either be your best strategy or your worst attempt, it all depends on how you use it, it all depends on how you decide to use it. If you use it wisely,
Dec 02
Dear Diary, No matter who you are, no matter what opposition you are up against, no matter how judged, no matter how mocked, no matter how ridiculed, never EVER give up and never EVER stop fighting for what you truly believe in, for the moment y
Dec 01
Lies and Deceit
Dear Diary, Remember, they don't care about you, they don't care about your future, all they truly care about is about themselves and their own future. Yes, they pretend to care, yes, they try to show you that they are on your side, that they wa
Nov 28
True Leader
Dear Diary, True leader does not ever give up. True leader does not ever accept defeat. True leader does not ever surrender. True leader does not ever concede until winning, triumph, and victory are an option. True leader always fights f
Nov 28
On That Day You'll Choose
Dear Diary, Someday you're going to have to make that life-changing decision, Someday you're going to have to make that life-changing decision that will completely, fully, and entirely change your life, someday you're going to have to make a dec
Nov 28
Treasure Box
Dear Diary, There is this treasure box somewhere out there patiently waiting for you to find it. But do you even know it exists, do you even know of its existence, do you know where to find it, do you know its whereabouts? But more importantly,
Nov 27
Say to me
Dear Diary, Say to me you can't do it, and I'll say to you that you can do it, say to me you can't achieve it, and I'll say to you that you can achieve it, say to me you can't accomplish it, and I'll say to you that you can accomplish it, say to
Nov 27
Neverending Struggle
Dear Diary, Yes, it's possible. No, it's impossible. Yes, it can be done. No, it can't be done. Yes, I can achieve it. No, you can't achieve it. Yes, I can become. No, you can't become. Yes, I will be. No, you won't be. Y
Nov 26
For the Love of God
Dear Diary, Say it, say it, I really want you to say it, I want you to say it, because I want to hear it from you, I want to hear your words loud and clear, I want to read your words with my own eyes, say it like you really mean it, say it li
Nov 25
Achilles' heel
Dear Diary, My name is David and your name is Goliath. You are my biggest fear, you are my biggest obstacle, you are my biggest challenge, you are my biggest hardship, you are my biggest adversity, you are my biggest doubt, you are my biggest fai
Nov 24
Battles never won, are they?
Dear Diary, It's easier to surrender and accept defeat instead of fighting and accept the victory, and it's easier to give up, isn't it? But you want to know what's not that easy, what's not that easy at all and has actually never been harder? T
Nov 24
You do Matter
Dear Diary, If you think you don't matter, know this, you do matter, you do matter, and those few who say you don't clearly haven't got a clue nor any idea how much you do matter. You matter a lot, your significance and your purpose is bigger th
Nov 23