Hushsecrets's Dear Diary

November 21, 2020
Dear guanita.... I can't get over him 😭😭... And I know it's my fault.. should have not pushed him away after two years.... It's hard u know, LIFE WITHOUT HiM SIMPLY ISN'T HAPPY...
Nov 20
August 07, 2020
Dear guanita  Why do I feel so alone in a world full of about 8 billion people..
Aug 07
June 23, 2020
Dear guanita  That's the Name ama be calling you for now...  guanita , I have developed a bad habit of procrastination and it's killing me, I want do something productive this quarantine..  how do I get over it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jun 23
June 05, 2020
Dear Diary, lord help me I think I like a guy who already has a girlfriend.. I don't wanna be THAT girl..  ,😭😭😭😭😭.. but it's hard cuz it's hard to avoid him.. it's like all of a sudden he's everywhere...
Jun 04
May 25, 2020
Dear Diary, been too long.. so today I had a good day at first. I went out with a cute boy.. my type if u know what am saying. Tall, dimple, twice my size simply perfect. Then I come home and the day gets ruined.. Someone am older than, a girl am su
May 24
May 20, 2020
Dear Diary, Am in my lazy phase.  D phase where I don't wanna do anything but at the same time am feeling sad about being in the lazy phase, 😔😔..   I don't even understand what, when and how to get up from my bed..I want me someone to pamper me
May 20
May 18, 2020
Dear Diary,  So today ama keep it simple. Am pretty satisfied with just being alive... Thank GOD oxygen is free✌️✌️
May 17
May 16, 2020
Dear Diary Ave missed you.  Oh well. So today I went out guess where... MCDONALD'S.  Oh my GOODNESS. It tasted heavenly.. after not having it for almost 2 month.. Well that aside, been busy.. and some how today was productive.  I got alot of gist. 
May 16
May 14, 2020
Dear Diary, Wow, just wow.. I can't believe all I do is sleep.. well guess since I woke up by 1am am not sleeping throughout the night ... But I deserved the sleep tho.. did alot.  1) went online tried to order a camera, failed miserably.. took me
May 13
May 12, 2020
Dear Diary, Soo, woke up like 1pm. Stayed in the room all day watching kdramas, eating and feeling alone.. for Christ sakes I live in a hostel. How can out of the thousands of people living here🥺🥺. No one checked up on me.. am i that bad... I wan
May 12