The incredulous's Dear Diary

May 31, 2020
Deary, it's been a while since last time I allowed myself to contemplate the world and my surroundings. I wondered what brought all those souls to this platform, what brought me too ? They must have been looking for the dim light of being seen, or ma
May 31
Never a priority.
Dear Diary, Never a priority, a sentence that everyone doesn't want to hear or even wish to face . Being a priority means life to some people .it's like a game everyone is trying to be the winner of someone's attention . I myself used to join the gam
May 21
May 22, 2020
Deary, this is the only place I have the absolute control over. Those who left my life stayed on my desk, unwanted memories locked in a box. No one can enter without knocking nor leaving without closing the door. I miss her, and miss how we used to h
May 21
May 22, 2020
Dear Diary,I found it unexplainable to me what I received before going to bed; totally failed to interpret the words .To sum up the whole message I got, my friend's birthday is by the end of the month, and as usual some of our friends suggested a gat
May 21
May 22, 2020.
Dear Apparition, I received my portion of luck when we met. You are a gift to be hidden never to be shown, but not out of shame. if I ever became bragged about you, you will be taken away just like everything I once had. We met in my hopes where my i
May 21
April 29, 2020
Dear diary, While I was at the clothing shop waiting for my turn in the queue, he with his glasses, yellow mustard t-shirt in the color I like, and his tattoos caught my attention. Even though his body wasn't the type of bodies that could have a glan
Apr 29
A cliche thought
Dear you, I can't fully understand how to deal with the death of anyone or death in general. I find it quite hard; I lose the ability to think or act. Whenever I go death exists, and I can't really escape from funerals or atleast find a good argument
Apr 26
Dear Diary,إنها الافكار التي لا اجيد التحدث عنها لكن اتقن تأئديتها،  دائما ما أجد إظهارها لكن لا يفهمني البعض. أاحرر عقلي الغير محببة للبعض ام اقمعه بداخلي و ادير بظهري لعبثي سؤال لا اجد له إجابة. ظننت في فترة ما اني الوحيدة المليئة بعبث الأفكار و ال
Apr 26
To the sentimental, imaginary you, think of me as a fantasy that will not last, an unimportant passing passion that won't last long. An enterprise to go for when you are high in spirit, but be cautious not to fall in the web of love.
Apr 24
Deary intellectuals, I feel like am living in a mobile concurrence where each action I take or a thing I do remind her of situations i have been through. it's like a chain of ideas and an unstable memories. They interfere my sanity and hit my sentime
Apr 23
April 23, 2020
Deary readers, no matter how many times I try to rebuild the damages, am never able to do it. It's as if something hinders me, something so strong, more powerful than any power I've experienced. I fear of believing in wrong people, things, and belief
Apr 22
April 10, 2020
Deary readers, I was deceived again ! Yes, this is the second time to try out some online Shit and the employer took his work and fucking left. Am I furious ?yes . Mad at life and mh terrific luck ? Yes yes yes. God whenever I try to gain some online
Apr 09
An eye opener
Dear Diary, I swallowed too much no I swallowed more than much till I had to explode and both my heart and mouth couldn't bear a second more . We can't force circumstances to work without the collaboration of the surroundings. This is so hard and r
Apr 09
April 08, 2020
Dear Diary,      كثيرا ما افكر في ان اصبح راهبة، اوهب نفسي التي لا أملكها لمالكها. قد يعتقد البعض ان الرهبنة هو حبس الجسد داخل مكان العبادة ، و ان من شروط الترهبن ان يكون المرء بلا سوء،بلا خطيئة او رغبات منحله. لكني لا اؤمن بمثل هذه الآراء، انا اؤم
Apr 08