Lechatdenuit's Dear Diary

April 14, 2020
Dear Diary, I’m sick, and I’m scared. I always acted like the idea of this whole virus didn’t bother me but I’m scared what if I have it. One day I feel fine then minutes later I’m coming and freezing to the point it hurts. And while I can stay
Apr 14
December 02, 2019
Dear Diary, To future me, love yourself even if no one else does because all you have right now is this quiet moment alone with yourself.  Don’t be scared to speak the truth one thing won’t snow ball Into a million bad things. Stop fearing int
Dec 03
November 29, 2019
Dear Diary, How can tell you when saying something is good or bad? I feel stuck between two walls and I’m not sure what to do but I can see myself scraping everyday to either fit into one of those two walls. And the comfort that they both bring
Nov 29
November 28, 2019
Dear Diary,  Today is thanksgiving and I’m at work but while I may not be super close with my blood family I’m pretty good with my work family and it’s nice to just have a peaceful day and not worry about anything!  I hope anyone who’d reads this i
Nov 28
November 27, 2019
Dear Diary,    I’m trying to start this day off with a good mindset, after last night the fight that happened between two of my closet friends I’ve come to a realization that I might be alone soon, or have to make a decision and pick between two peo
Nov 27
November 26, 2019
Dear Diary, Today was a good day, I had the day off from work and just sort of did my own thing, cooked , worked out, etc. of course the creepy lonely moments creep in they always do. And each day I dread going to work, my job is great one of the b
Nov 26
November 25, 2019
Dear Diary, Everyday I am trying to be a better version of me but I get stuck in a weird place. Sometimes when I try to think of myself I lose this kindness I have to others and seem rude but when I cater to everyone I feel like I’m only there b
Nov 26
November 25, 2019
Dear Diary, I feel very lonely and I act like I’m not, I cling to the few friends I have because I feel like if I don’t I will be I faded in this blank space. But I can’t let others know the truth, I can’t show any weakness I always have to be s
Nov 26