February 02, 2024


Dear ghost,

It seems like I know not how to leave you alone. To not to bother you. You once came to me, disguised in a smell so familiar that I mistook you for my people. That you were from the herd I belonged to. But the mask must fall and yours, fell so gracefully. I do admire your petty follies and your effort to veil it. But leave, i must. I am unable to do so for I cling to the faded smell trailing behind you. I cling to that so much that I often invade your space. I apologize for my rudeness but be patient, I shall leave soon enough. I will make sure my crime are never discovered unless you wrong me so thoroughly that I can not unsee it. For now, forgive my intrusion, for I am still heartbroken that you are not my people. 

I think you are mistaken. And that too, in an awfully embarrassing manner. No. No, it was never so. No. No, you must from depth of your heart. No. No, good intentions are not to be laughed at. How shall you ever find a bridge to cross the deep river if you do not know what distance you must keep? 

Yours even as I fear to be.