December 21, 2023


Dear ghost,

I birthed this jealousy at the marrow of my falling esteem. I cannot unmake the green eyed monster. In truth, it is I who robbed my silhouettes in gluttony and fell from the tower in apathy. Now this bitterness breed in the arm of my insecurities. I have let this touch my acquaintance, I have let this crawl towards the elites,  and reach for the dolls in the screens. But how dare this sick gurgle lurk before my friend? How dare this disgusting envy approach my friend? My bosom friend who have fought my thorns to kiss my petals. My friend who is in the films of my past; how dare my jealousy challenge my loyalty. Envy have altered my fairest accord but this dirt on my devotion is the ugliest I have ever been.

Yours even as I fear to be.