September 24, 2023


Dear ghost,

I can smell the stench of doe caught in the headlights. As I hold my cry in my throat,I realized why doe freezes in fornt of the headlight. Why they cannot move but just wait for death. It is  light that fascinates them but in that moment, they can finally see where they were venturing in the night on the middle of the road. It is because of the light that have unraveled the fear of night. 

Only when they see the light, they know what they lack. Only when they see the best, they see the darkness.

The truly oppressed know not of their darkness. They live in the mirage of the comforting darkness. There is no hollow that holds happiness. However, what do I know? 

My misery is my own. I made it. My victories belongs to all of you but my mistake is but mine alone.

Yours even as I fear to be.