Job Application Update


River got the job. So did the Brazilian. 

Actually, everyone in the interview got it. Haha.

Imagine I was the only one who didn't get it, though..

That would be so awful.

Anyway, I've been a working girl for a month now. I wouldn't say I love it but it's definitely tolerable. I hope they won't fire me cos I really want to stay in this company long-term..

All the corporate jobs I've had before, I ghosted at the very most—after a month, because I really couldn't handle the 40 hours-per-week schedule.

There was this one where I only lasted for four days and then poof. John Cena. I just simply decided not to show up anymore because I wanted to sleep more.

That's honestly why my resumé is close to empty. It wouldn't be wise to list down the companies I've worked for in the past where I just vanished away without any form of notice.

My cousin Alice recently contacted me saying that their company has an opening for the Editor position and that "they" wanted to know whether I was still interested. (Ulch, just by the mention of "they", I already envisioned that 2nd interviewer whom I had disclosed some of my insecurities to and made-up sob stories…)

In their face!

You kidding me. Compared to this, that job is slavery.

I joke, I joke. But I'm really thankful I never compromised my sleep and mental health for that company because something a lot better came in the way.

My cousin asked what my job was and when I told her about it, she was envious.

It was understandable. You only have to work for 15 hours a week, anytime and anywhere you please, and the salary is just equal (or even higher) to that full-time and on-site job of hers which requires waking up early every bloody day and only having a day and a half of the weekend off.

She expressed her desire to work with me and, of course, I will refer her as soon as the company's hiring again.

But just to think I even considered the idea of toiling my arse off to experience hard work is beyond me ..

Work smart. Not hard, bitch.