The Birthday Invitation


Today is River's 21st birthday and they're inviting me to go celebrate it with them this afternoon and to be completely blunt about it, I have absolutely no desire to leave the house.

It's awful, I know, I know. He's my best friend's boyfriend, and he's been so nice and helpful to me, and he's the best boyfriend Layla has ever had, but.. They could've at least reminded me last week about it.

The guy is actually from another island. He and Layla met each other on Discord a couple of months back and only met each other in person about two weeks ago, when he flew here in the city for academic purposes. And until his return home next month, he'd be staying at Layla's for the rest of his sojourn here so he's basically a part of their family now.

I've never seen the guy in person yet, and although it would be cool to meet him in real life, I just have no battery to be social right now. Nor the energy to do the necessary preparations to look presentable.

Furthermore, I also feel like I would be so out of place there because Layla's sisters all have boyfriends, and now Layla finally has a partner of her own, too.

I'd be the only sour loser there with no hand to hold…

I mean, I could still hold Layla's but I'd have to share it now with River.

But that's not even the point.

Do I really have to attend this party?


My introversion is protesting so badly against it.

I hope it's going to rain real hard so I don't have to go anymore.

I was so excited to just spend my Sunday watching New Girl with Lancelot and this news that I have to go out and interact with people and be all friendly and cheerful just put me out of the mood.

"Did you pray?" I asked Lancelot when he switched from his desktop to his phone because I stopped streaming New Girl.

"What?" he asked in bewilderment, as if he'd just completely forgotten my rant. "What are you talking about?"

"Did you pray for a strong rain to pour here where I live this afternoon so I wouldn't have to go?" I reminded him.

"Ah, yes. I prayed," came his reply which didn't sound credible at all. The guy's agnostic.

"You should. That way, the prayer is stronger and more likely to be heard now that there's two of us," I went on.

Why does this baka have to be so far away? I would've loved to attend this gathering with him there with me.

Oh, please, mighty Odin, let it rain!