June 25, 2023


Dear Father, 

I won't care for your rules and your beliefs, I'll sit on your principles, spit on your morals and laugh in the face of your constraints. You claim you know freedom and truth but enmprison our ideas and thoughts in the seventh circle of hell. I won't lower my eyes in front of yours, I won't show you respect that you don't deserve, I'll destroy the ground you stand on when you try to rise to the sky. 

You will not kill my sisters and I like you did our mother. 

Who do you think you are? From the top of your iron tower you can't even see the grass. You douse us with petrol then blame us when we burst into flames. Will you be able to face the ashes you left behind? Will you sigh in relief when death takes away your parasitic, rotten mind? Will you cry when the stars shine brighter at your last breath? Will you know how much we wished for it? 

Burn, baby, burn.

With no love, your daughters.