Rubik's Cube


The Rubik's Cube that's been sitting on my shelf for a year now is finally being used for how it should be and not just a mere decoration in my little dark academia bedroom; the new room I talked about last year. And I'm proud to say I can now solve it without the cheat sheet! I don't like how it's taxing to the touch, though. I don't want to have calloused hands. But maybe it's because the one I have is the cheap kind so the rotation of the blocks is not easy and smooth.

I can solve the first and second layer just fine without worrying about the algorithm, something I'm struggling with the third. I know it requires memorisation in solving Rubik's Cube but I want to understand the mechanics of it entirely so I won't have to rely solely on my shitty memory each time I get to the last part. It would be really helpful, I think, especially when I get bored of the game and then decide to pick it up again after a long hiatus. In which case, I'd be disoriented in most likelihood, so I'm practicing how to do it intuitively and not just through memorisation. The dream is to solve it in under 30 seconds. Haha. I used to think people who can do that are geniuses. I mean, some probably are but either way, it's absolutely impressive. For now, I can only make it in 5 minutes. It's not impossible to achieve, to do it in seconds, but knowing my capricious self, it's very unlikely. I pick up an interest, get hooked for some time, and then the fancy dies down. Just like with crochet… So I hope I can make this a habit because I've always thought Rubik's Cubes are cool, especially when you can solve them. And besides, you never know, it may come in handy sometime. Like when you're walking by a street and some YouTuber(s) would challenge you to solve it and then they give you a thousand dollars or something. Or you are trapped in a room with automated weapons that would mutilate you in the most barbaric way possible if you aren't able to get out within the time limit they have set for your escape. And for you to escape, you have to get the key. And the key, of course, is to solve the cube. Haha. Honestly, this is just me being the main character in my fantasies.

Ugh. It's really hot right now and just these days in general because it's summer. It's almost impossible for me to sleep during daylight and I hate it because the day is supposed to be my night.

OMG… I just heard a thunder! Oh God, please let it storm .. Not the severe kind like the one that broke the windows to my old room. Just a mild one. Because I swear, this bloody heat is giving me the strong desire to die and reincarnate as an iceberg.