I stayed at Layla's for three days this week. I gave her two of my "Twilight" books because I just couldn't bring myself to be interested in it no matter how hard I tried. Literally, I have made THREE attempts to read the first book in the intervals of at least two years and I just couldn't go for more pages after at most a hundred or two, I dunno .. I don't recall, but I'm certain I never reached halfway through it. I think it's mainly because I've watched the film first. I was only thirteen when I watched the whole thing and the impression it had on me I guess just clings on up to this day. And my impression was that it was boring. And I didn't like how Edward looked most especially. I thought he looked like a drug addict. But I tried reading the book to give it a chance and Edward on pages is so attractive but the film version of him just really ruins it for me. No matter how hard I tried to imagine him to be someone else… Robert Pattinson just fucking pops up in my mind and even IF the story turns out great for my taste, I won't know now since I never tried hard enough to finish it because the main issue is that I don't like… thinking of the actor at all.

Anyway, Layla loves Twilight so I'm glad the books made her ecstatic. Also, she really had so much fun introducing me and Lancelot to her friends from Discord. Well, "showing off" would be the closer way to describe it. I didn't participate in it very much, it was Lancelot she was parading mostly. It was certainly amusing but at the same time, I felt a little bad for the guy. All that attention… Haha. The girls went gaga over his looks, I think. Even the men said he was handsome. It was exactly how Layla wanted it to happen because she knew Lancelot is good-looking so his "godly" presence created some kind of entertainment in her group. Oh, how she exaggerates.

They taught him curse words in our language and the guy was very eager about it so that the bastard could use them on "me". It was so hilarious, his pronunciation. In an adorable way, of course. Although he said the words a lot better than Rollo could ever.

One joked about how it seemed like they were having a business meeting and Lancelot was the CEO. I'd listen to this "business meeting" of theirs from time to time as I peacefully lounged behind Layla with my stomach cramps and I'd laugh and smile at what I'd hear, or simply—

"So, Lancelot. What gets you really angry?" one girl asked when they were interviewing him.

"What makes me angry…" he echoed in an undertone, but his musings didn't take more than a second to decidedly come up with an answer. "Bliss really makes me angry."

I looked up from the phone I was using and shot a look at Layla's computer screen which displayed their video conference. "What?" I asked sharply after the audience gave all a mystified "oooh" sound.

"Yes, I really hate her," he continued in a sad and hopeless tone, which, to a stranger, might sound serious—exactly why it induced some sympathetic "aww" from the others—but to someone who knows him, someone he spends hours on end with either talking or chilling, the mocking note in his voice intended to get into my nerves was loudly present to my ears.

"You hate her because you love her," said Layla in an attempt to tease.

"No, it's just hate, honestly."

This time, his response invoked laughter from the group.

"Fick dich," I said dismissively, returning my attention to the game I was playing.

"See? She's so mean."

I raised my head again and looked at him. “How am I mean? I’ve been so behaved today. I barely talked to you.”

“And that’s mean.”

I paused, and then sighed, whilst the others began giving off teasing sounds and comments. “I don’t feel well,” I told him to remind him I just had my period.

About the show we were watching called Misfits .. It's not as good now that Nathan is gone. He's an asshole but he carried the entire show and is a favourite character of both mine and Lancelot. The latter was totally bummed about it as well but it didn't make him like the series any less. I mean, it's fun to watch but I just have so many questions about the whole time-turning thing. It's pretty faulty there, in my opinion, which I think creates rather dumb moments which are really cringe to watch especially when they're being all serious and dramatic. I told Lancelot this and he agreed about the whole time-tampering complexity but it's still his favourite anyway.

Back to Discord.

This is actually the first time I'm using the app so I'm not very familiar with it yet and yesterday afternoon, when I was bored and Layla was nowhere in any of the channels where people call either publicly or privately, I saw several users in one room and decided to join. I was amiably welcomed but was rather surprised that some of them knew of me even when none of their avatars looked similar to the ones where Layla had that "video conference" where Lancelot was the "star".

"Oh, that's Layla's sister," one guy said in answer to a curious user.

I lightly laughed. "Nooo, I'm not her sister. I'm her friend."

"Oh, right. She's Layla's best friend. The one from the UK."

I furrowed my eyebrows. UK?

More talks, inaudible to my ears.

"You know, that German guy's girlfriend."

"WHAT?" I said aloud.

I was far too amused and overwhelmed at how words travelled so fast and distorted in different versions. When I related what happened to Lancelot, he laughed out loud at the hilarity of it all.

"I swear to God, you're so popular," I said, laughing along with him, then added: "I told them you're just my co-author."

And he is. We started a novel last year. God knows if we'll ever finish it. The guy keeps creating fresh projects.