A Midsummer Night's Dream


For the first time in my life, I finally read Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"—a literary fancy owing to the fact that Lancelot once played "Oberon" in his high school theatre ten or so years ago.

Oh, Lancelot is the name I have decided to call the German dude, since he is dear to me and deserves a name in my journal. Moreover, I have a feeling he's going to play an important role in my life so I'll slowly be introducing him here. I could easily call him Oberon but he reminds me of Lancelot from the TV show "Merlin"—not of appearance but of the circumstance they both have experienced in the hands of a woman. (Also, I really love Lancelot from the series. I even like him better than Arthur Pendragon.)

So as I was saying.. I was reading "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and I must say it's the first work of Shakespeare I have ever read entirely. I thought it was going to be dramatic—I mean, it is, but it turned out to be a comedy and so hilariously chaotic to my amusement that I ended up enjoying it to my surprise. Several characters poured all over my eyes at once confuses me so, so I had to assign a face for every one of them, usually based on the name, so that was a bit of work but absolutely helpful in the long run. Like with Nick Bottom who easily makes it as my favourite character.

Actually.. two things came to mind when I first read his name.

  1. Bikini Bottom

  2. Neville Longbottom (from Harry Potter)

Now, it would utterly be unfitting and just completely bizarre to put Spongebob in a medieval fantasy œuvre so I decided to stick with the second option. For Demetrius, I assigned Damon Salvatorre (from "The Vampire Diaries") and Elena Gilbert (also from "The Vampire Diaries") for Helena.

King Oberon, of course, was played by Lancelot in my head, which was not a hard task to follow for the German shared a few pictures of their school's rendition of the play, making it easier for me to imagine him as the fairy king. But instead of an 18-year-old high school boy, as he was in the photographs, in my imagination, he was his present self: grown-up, bearded, and mature.

Next thing I knew, I was watching an hour and a half worth of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" performance on youtube, a live performance done so well, in which my initial intention of only taking a glimpse, transformed into being that of an engaged spectator up to the very end.

Ah, but to watch Lancelot act on stage! The whole thing only made me want to watch the video of their school's rendition even more. He looked mighty cute in a cloak and a staff in his hand as he faced Puck, played by a really attractive actor with great curly hair, jawline, and abs ..

At first, I couldn't tell which one he was, seeing as they were both tall and cute, but now that he deliberately swerved my attention towards the other...

"He was the best-looking guy in our school, yeah," he was saying after teasing me that I was staring at the other's abs, which I wasn't, until he pointed it out.

"Did you like him?" I asked.

"It wasn't hard to like him. He was very nice to everyone."

"I mean, did you have a crush on him?"

"I'm straight…" he replied, which earned a hearty laugh from me already knowing he's heterosexual. "Actually," he added, "we all thought he was gay because he was so stylish and was always so mindful of how he looked but one day, he got a girlfriend, so… that surprised everyone."

I've only seen one production of the play but that guy has got to be the cutest Puck there is. I definitely want to see him act, too.

But Lancelot, though? Acting?

Gah! The curiosity!

It's all the same with Erwin. I actually discovered that Erwin acted, too, like on TV, back when we were still together. I've always thought he looked like an actor but I never really thought he was going to be actually one so this really came as a surprise to me. I only saw the trailer of the drama he was casted in some four years ago and I was dying to watch the entire thing. However, the internet, as far as my research had gone, didn't hold any more record of the production so I was left with an ongoing curiosity and relentless wonderment of the rest of his acting in the show. I could easily ask him about it but this discovery, to my luck, could only be procured through deep digging and unless I wanted to expose my stalking arse to him, no such thing was ever mentioned from my mouth so I could only wonder about the whole thing in my head. Him being an actor is actually also one of the many things Lancelot and I have in common because the German's ex was a small actress as well. (He showed me a picture. Very beautiful.)

I wonder if they did the performance in English or German… Lancelot told me the girl who played Queen Titania wanted a kissing scene with King Oberon and it was completely droll because he didn't want it at all.

Speaking of Titania.. For her, I imagined the smiling titan from "Attack on Titans" 🙂


Kidding. I mean, AOT titans definitely did come to mind but it was far too terrifying and just incredibly disturbing—I mean, have you seen the smiling titan?! Fuck.

My mind was certainly so absorbed with the whole play for even in my sleep, I was dreaming of it.

Anyway, Lancelot will be going to Berlin tomorrow to hold a speech for this political party he is a member of. I wish he'd let me see the video of it afterwards.. I call him "chancellor" sometimes to annoy him. Haha.

All for now.