January 25, 2023 #405


Dear Diary, idk but I’m feeling a bit sad for no reason again. ✨SFNR✨💃

Tomorrow I have my afternoon shift. I will be okay. 

My mom is still in her room. We argued yesterday. She did rapid test to check if she’s covid free. She sent me a picture of the result. She claimed she was covid free but I saw a thin line of “T” next to the solid “C” line. 

She thought it’s okay because it’s too thin but I couldn’t be sure about that. And I asked her if it’s true with the picture of the rapid test instruction. Idk but it made her pissed… Oh no… She was talking like as if I want to keep her locked. And like as if I am a selfish commander. No way make your decision by yourself, mom. I was saying that I think it’s okay to back to normal if she’s that confident and she doesn’t cough. Yes she doesn’t have covid cough at all anymore. So I said so. 

But idk she was like “Okay if you say so, I will lock myself until Thursday because you made me nervous about my result. I am very sure that I got covid negative though!!!” 

Hey sorry but mom…That’s simply a nonsense. I said you can come. What do you mean “if you say so???”

Don’t try to have a constructive arguments with a pitta dosha person. Meh

She made me so sad. 

Today, she doesn’t even read my messages. Did I done something wrong…? 

It’s wasting of my time. I should just be proud and happy about what I’ve accomplished for my family. 

I am sitting on a bench in a supermarket. Because I am feeling sad.